Friday, May 05, 2006

I know it's been a long time since I've written anything, but it's been hectic. First of all, we changed internet servers, which, in France, takes weeks (three to be exact). Now, it's the end of the semester. Fanfan's finishing up at school, and she's gotten an internship working at Ultra Peau. As for me, I've been writing discertations and preparing presentations.

We'll both be finished with school at the end of the month. After, we'll have about a month and a half left until we both go home. This is assuming that our next trip to that god-awful, hell-hole (the Paris prefecture) goes well. We'll see at the end of this week....

I just wanted to mention that if anyone reading this blog knows could help me get a job in Taiwan, I'm planning on coming in September. I've already started applying for teaching jobs, but I've heard a lot of what concerns getting a good teaching job in Taiwan relies on connections. If anyone's got 'em and wants to hook me up, I'd be forever grateful.

That's all for now. Have a good one.

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Blogger Chih-Chiang Tsou said...

Hi Robert!

I'm Fanfan's brother, Chih-Chiang Tsou. When will you and my sister return to Taiwan? I'm so glad and looking forward to your coming.

Recently, I decide to suspense my current degree to pursue a better one. Then my mother suggest me to think of the abroad degree. But actually I don't want to leave Taiwan. I have my family and girl friend here. Maybe I'm just afraid of changes and challenges. Even don't know whether I have enough capability to do this. I think maybe you and Fanfan can give me some suggestions and advice.

Thank you and best regards,

PS: If there are some grammar errors. Please let me know, thank you.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Robo said...

Hey Chi-Chiang,

It's very nice to hear from you. I've already heard very much about you from Fanfan (all good stuff, don't worry!).

Fanfan and I talked yesterday about your decision to change schools again, and I can understand your hesitation in studying abroad. All I can tell you is that if you decide to do it, I'll help you figure everything out. In the US, you're almost garaunteed a scholarship and even a salary (because you'd have to English), so it's really not a question of money.

It's just an issue of what you think is best. Even I think it would be hard to go somewhere like the US from Taiwan all by yourself. You have to really want it.

Remember, though, you have family there too. You have your cousins and your great-aunt in Canada.

As for your English, it's very good. Don't worry. There were only a couple of mistakes in what you wrote:

- "I recently decide..." It should be "decided." This is something difficult for most Asians, the verb tenses are hard. It's the same for "suggest," it should be "suggested."

- "suspense" should be "suspend"

- "the abroad degree" should probably be something like "a degree abroad" or "studying abroad."

- "girl friend" is one word.

Remember though, the point of language is communication, and I understood everything you wanted to say. These corrections are very minor. I've been writing for a long time in French, and I probably still make many of the same mistakes you did!

Well, I see you're talking to Fanfan right now, so she's giving you more advice I'm sure.

Have a good day, and always feel free to ask me any questions.

Best Regards and have a good day,

2:19 AM  
Blogger Chih-Chiang Tsou said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your suggestions and the corrections.

Because of the military service in Taiwan. I'll stay(or remain?) in current school till the spring vacation next year. And I'll apply to other schools then. After that, if there were opportunities to study abroad, I will probably try to get one, to learn more things and improve my English skill outside.

My mother told me that you have already gotten an English teaching job in Taiwan. I know that you undoubtedly get a job in Taiwan in the first place. Congratulations! I’m so glad I have a private English teacher. Haha, just kidding. Anyway, welcome to here.

best regards,


3:38 AM  

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